My Top Free Salesforce Apps

1. Simpli List Views

Simpli List Views improves upon the standard List View functionality by providing users and admins with more ways to view and manage lists. Admins will love this app for two reasons: first, this app provides an enhanced viewing experience by allowing you to work with multiple list views side-to-side, add row highlights based on criteria, and see footer calculations. Second, this app expands the way you work with lists by allowing you to run Flows against the List View Records. 

This is a great app for Salesforce professionals interested in increasing their productivity. 


2. HappySoup

HappySoup is a web app designed to help you understand your org’s metadata and dependencies. Before making any changes to an org, use HappySoup to display the intricate metadata relationships so that you don’t accidentally break something or unintentionally trigger automations!


3. Report Sender

Report Sender is an easy-to-use app designed to enhance the email reporting experience. The app’s flexible scheduling options, email customization, and ability to send reports to non-users makes it a must-have for all organizations that regularly send report emails.  


4. Dataimporter

Dataimporter is a fast, secure, and simple data loading tool. The app’s intuitive interface, power features, and safety features make it a must-have for any Salesforce professional. Users will absolutely love the app’s ability to roll back jobs, run VLOOKUPS, seed sandboxes via Org-to-Org connections, and seamlessly integrate with a wide variety of cloud databases (DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.).    


5. OrgCheck

OrgCheck is a great tool for identifying technical debt. At some point, every admin needs to identify technical debt and other org deficiencies to keep their org healthy. OrgCheck makes this type of work simple by first scanning the org and then providing an intuitive interface to analyze the results. If you’re interested in improving your org’s hygiene, then OrgCheck is the answer! 



This concludes my list of the top five free Salesforce apps to enhance your Salesforce experience. Although each app stands on its own, if used together, these apps will level up any Salesforce professional’s productivity and efficiency. Don’t forget, each app was developed by a highly active Salesforce community member, so don’t be afraid to reach out and thank them for their awesome work!


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Written By… Ike Wagh



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