Weekly Round Up – Saleforce Admin Tips

As a Salesforce Administrator, here are some tips that may help you: By following these tips, you can become a more effective Salesforce Administrator and help ensure the success of your Salesforce implementation.

Salesforce – Resetting passwords in Bulk

Hello Trailblazers, Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need to reset passwords for multiple users? Well, fret not, as I have a solution for you! The following code is a rough idea of how you can achieve this: public class ChangePassword { public ChangePassword() { List<User> userList = new List<User>(); userList […]

Salesforce : Query to find Permission sets assigned to users

It is easy to overlook the importance of reconciling permissions or permission sets in our Salesforce environment. However, it is crucial to ensure that we can audit our environment and retrieve the required information quickly. To capture the permission sets associated with a given user or profile via the Permission Set Assignment object, you can […]

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