Some Common Salesforce Errors

On your journey to become a super admin we should never forget the basics. Here is a short list of some of the most common Salesforce errors you may experience.

Error Description 
 You encounter the following error : INVALID_FIELD_FOR_INSERT_UPDATE: Attempting to update (as part of an upsert) parent field error when attempting to insert, update, or upsert records via the API using Dataloader, Informatica, Workbench, or other similar programs. This error can be resolved by un-assigning all of the parent fields you currently have mapped, and then selecting to retry the leads who are stuck in the error logs with this problem. If you still wish to have the parent fields afterwards, you can re-map them, but make sure to select Always use CRM as soon as you re-assign the field. 
 This error occurs if you have records with the same IDs coming from an external system. Unique fields are unique to a record and cannot be duplicated. This can happen when a lead or contact was imported with the wrong External CRM ID. To fix this, you will need to update the External ID with the correct External CRM ID from Salesforce via Import Tool. To obtain the correct 18-character External CRM ID, you will need to do a full export from Salesforce—not an activity report. 
INVALID_ID_FIELD This error occurs when a lead or contact record has an invalid External CRM ID. This can also occur when a Salesforce contact is imported as a lead record in SharpSpring, or vice versa. 
 Importing new or performing updates to existing records may result in data validation errors when state and country picklists are enabled if the address data contained in your file does not match the predefined state and country data. To resolve this, do the following:

   •   Set the default country to None in your state and country
        picklists setup section. 

   •   Map both standard State and Country fields together.
 The specified value in a relationship field is not valid, or data is not of the expected type. 
 Salesforce has a timeout limit for transactions based on CPU usage. If transactions consume too much CPU time, they will be changed to a long-running transaction. 
MISSING_ARGUMENT Salesforce requires the listed fields on the record. Ensure you have these fields mapped. Do not use Always use CRM value for these fields. 
 When you convert a lead to a contact, account, or opportunity, it cannot be updated as it does not exist anymore. 
 The error message FIELD_FILTER_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION, Value does not exist or does not match filter criteria occurs when there is a Look Up Field filter defined on an object that has been modified so that the update does not reflect the filter criteria. To fix this error, check to see if any filters are defined on the object, and make sure any modifications are adhering to the Filter Criteria.   
 Salesforce requires the listed fields on the record. Ensure you have these fields mapped. Do not use Always use CRM value for these fields. 
MALFORMED_ID An import inserted invalid values in External CRM ID. 
 SharpSpring tried to push a picklist value that Salesforce did not allow. If the attempted value is null and the field is a multi-select picklist, do the following:   •   Uncheck the Restrict picklist to the values defined in
        the value 
set checkbox for the field in Salesforce.

   •   Add a null value to the picklist in Salesforce. Screen
        reader support enabled.
 The affected record in SharpSpring has a lead owner who is inactive in Salesforce.