Our training academy was designed to ensure that we could always cope with the growing demand for more resources. We have a strong base of experienced consultants and growing more every day.

But what does all of that mean?

Training Academy

We source new talent and enroll them into our Salesforce training program.The program is designed to not only offer in-person but virtual training classes too.

The classes are all run by certified professionals with the aim for each student to become fully certified.

Beginner Classes

  • Becoming a Salesforce Administrator
  • Outcome – Exam ready : Become a Certified Salesforce Administrator

Advance Classes

  • Module One
    • Developing for Salesforce
    • Learning Apex
  • Module Two
    • The power of SOQL
  • Module Three
    • Salesforce Lightning
    • Lightning Web Components – Enter the LWC

Please submit your details via our contact us page for more detail.